Wednesday, January 27, 2010

For Gigi -- The Redwood Schoolboy Blazer, Three Ways

Another quickie from me today, girls.  I am wearing my Redwood Schoolboy Blazer today (look number three below) and thought I'd Polyvore up a few options for Gigi.  Keep that jacket, girlfriend.

This is fast becoming one of my favorite jackets, and right now it's still available in a wide array of sizes.  Marked down from $198 to $99.99 plus today's EXTRA30 -- at that price, I think it's a deal and a half, girls.  It runs TTS for this type of classic, fitted blazer, which, for me, translates as the larger of my 2 JC jacket sizes.

Enjoy the day, everybody!  It's so pretty here and I'm about to go and enjoy some errand-running and a little bit of cranked-up Beatles in my car! :-)

The Redwood Schoolboy Blazer
(a surprisingly versatile little jacket!)

Option I

Option II

and Option III (what I'm wearing today, with very similar oxford shoes)

The tissue turtleneck is worn under the doggie tee, but is also optional -- if the day is warmer just wear the tee.

Another shoe option for this look would be the Cadogan ankle boot (without the argyles, of course). Wicked cute with the jeans rolled tightly to about an inch above the boots.

And for an fun alternate belt look, try using TWO skinny leather belts.  Sometimes I criss cross them and buckle each one into the other one's buckle.

For this look, I'd use these two faves -- the hazelnut and the neon orange classic leather belt



  1. Great idea on the double belt. I have 2 of the J.Crew skinny belts in neon pink (like shown) and I would never have thought of doubling them up.

  2. Now I wish I had bought that blazer when I had considered it - love these outfit ideas!

  3. I love your Polyvores. What a creative suggestion on the belts. You are full of good tips!!!! I ended up returning the blazer. If they made anything besides this and the ruffle cascade jacket in this color, I'd be all over it.

    You are sweet!



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