Monday, December 6, 2010

BRRRR!!! IRL OOTD featuring the Caramel Arrow Sweater-Jacket

Holla to all y'all!  Which, by the way, is the proper plural form of 'y'all', for those of you longing to speak better Southern. :-)

Most people make New Year's resolutions; some keep them; some fail to keep them; some, like me, avoid them altogether.  But I got my first iPhone recently and it inspired me to make a Thanksgiving resolution of sorts: that I'd try my d*!$%mnedest (1) to find a place in my house where I could take pix of myself with my fancy-schmancy new phone-that-does-everything-except-drive-me-to-my-appointments and (2) with IRL pix in hand, to start actually blogging on my blog. 

Hence, y'all, I'm tryin'.

It is cold here today, by our thin-blooded standards and I'd wager by anyone's -- right now, Weatherbug informs me that it's 33.9 degrees, and it's windy, too.  This morning our bossy senior citizen Bichon Frise, Eddie (see below and at the bottom of my blog) even hesitated to take his quite fur-clad self outside for a potty break.  Watching Eddie this morning I couldn't help but think about what my mom would have said.  She was a true Steel Magnolia who had a perfect one-liner for every occasion -- often slightly inappropriate, always delivered with a serenely confident straight face.  Mama never seemed aware of being off-color or funny, which just made her funnier.  About today, she would have said "Honey, bundle up, it's as cold as a hooker's heart out there!"

What better day, then, to layer up with my luscious Arrow Sweater-Jacket in the Heathered Caramel color!  Here's my OOTD, minus my Tall Classic UGGs in Chestnut, which I wore while I was out and about earlier.   I changed shoes when I got home to my toasty house.

OOTD 12-06-10
featuring the Arrow Sweater-Jacket
in Heathered Caramel (size Small)

I am also wearing:

  • J. Crew Merino Turtleneck from 2008 in Bright Peony (size Small)
  • J. Crew Dressage Belt in English Saddle (size Medium) (See it styled wonderfully on Slastena here) -- I liked the way it added some "finish" at my waist over the turtleneck, and I wore it as you would wear "waist jewelry" -- loose and drapey -- not cinched as if it were holding up my jeans.  Little added short-waisted-girl trick there. ;-)
  • J. Crew Bayberry Washed Wool Scarf (sold out but worthy of stalking) -- and since the product page seems to be wonky and the picture isn't showing, below is a closeup of this versatile, soft and lightweight but warm piece.
Hairdo courtesy of Pebbles Flintstone.  There isn't much else that fine, flyaway hair like mine will do on such a cold day, so I don't fight it.

The fab Bayberry Scarf.

Polyvore for the day.

And I'll leave you with a shot of my old doggie enjoying the early evening in his favorite position and favorite chair (on what we call his "chair sheet") by the fire.  Everybody all together now:  AAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!



  1. Whew, you would NOT like my weather right now, then! We are sitting at 17 degrees with a 0 degree windchill. I HATE winter wind!

  2. YYYYYYIIIIIIIKKKKKKEEEEESSS AppGal! Nope, wouldn't like it!

    Hey, I need your advice, cutie -- DS #! is moving to Asheville soon. Do you have any suggestions for neighborhoods where he should look for an apartment or room share? If so, e-mail me! :-)

  3. I always am so jealous of people who can truly wear that gorgeous purple color you have on...amazing with your skin tone, and with the pop of caramel color, hoo boy, you are smokin'. :)

    IT IS FREAKING FREEZING here in VA, too. I about died in the wind. Sounds like you and I are kind of wimpy compared to our sweet mountain neighbors (smooches, AppGal) and the thick-skinned Canadians, but still, it is definitely biting (the weather, that is, not AppGal and the Canadians, lol).

  4. I am loving your daily posts! You just look so nice and cozy today. Cold here too!

  5. Oh, I keep seeing this sweater. I think it's time that I ordered it. I was trying to wait until after Christmas. I love it on you and on everyone else I've seen it on. It's the perfect cardigan for the cold weather we've been having.

    Your doggie is so cute. My little Alex loves to sleep in that same position...only he snores!

  6. I just found your blog. I am 40 and when I get into my 50's I want to be like you!!! I love fashion and I fear that as I get older I will have to change the way I dress, but you dress just like I want to and you look FABULOUS!!!!

  7. hah... my dog does that pose too...can't get much more relaxed than that...nice is in the 20's here and I have my long undies, down coat, fleece hat, scarf, gloves etc. and the dog has a coat on too... there is no snow to shovel yet but it is flying around in the air.


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