Thursday, May 26, 2011

Blues Boy's Summer Adventure

Hey everyone!  A quick non-fashion post to share a couple of fun photos featuring Blues Boy, a/k/a our handsome blue-eyed son #2 who's a rising senior at UNC-Chapel Hill.

BB is currently in Rome (Italy) with 14 other UNC students on a 6-week Honors Summer Program.  They're in class 4 hours a day Monday thru Thursday, and then they're free to do whatever they want and go wherever they want to go in the afternoons, evenings and weekends.  (Example:  This weekend half of them are going to Venice and the other half (including BB) are going to Cinque Terre, an exquisite beach town on the Italian Riviera.)

And get this -- the breakdown of BB's UNC group is:  him + 5 other equally giddy guys + 9 young women who surely must be contestants in the Miss Adorable contest.

They've been there exactly one week, already have bonded as tight as SuperGlue and, for obvious reasons, are having the time of their lives.  I know this for a fact because we've Skype-video-chatted (amazing thing, that Skype) with our boy and seen his glowing face "IRL", and also because one of the girls on the trip -- the tall, leggy brunette shown below who I'll call Miss J. M. -- has been posting dozens of fab photos every day on her Facebook page.  Thank goodness they're all visible for parental viewing, since nobody else including BB seems to be using their cameras!  

So here ya go, y'all -- three choice shots from Miss J. M.'s collection.  Hope they'll bring a smile to your faces, too.  And have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

BB, with what appears to be his newly permanent facial expression and a stowaway rider perched on his head!

Frolicking at Trevi Fountain with new pals...

... and exploring the Colosseum with a bevy of UNC's prettiest women!


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