Saturday, October 27, 2012

Coach & Horses

Coach & Horses

J.Crew polka dot shirt / J.Crew knit sweater / Long pencil skirt / J.Crew opaque stocking / Salvatore Ferragamo leather flat shoes / Coach genuine leather handbag / Tory Burch chain jewelry / Tory Burch jewelry / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics matte lipstick

After having a string of very disappointing quality issues with J. Crew, I took a self-imposed break from shopping there for a while -- naturally at the exact moment to miss  the best of the best sales.  But after inventorying my closet recently, I found a legit need for a few versatile autumn-y skirts that I could dress down with boots or flats & tights and could also dress up more "office-y" with pumps and a blazer.  And I must admit, there really is no place like J. Crew for reliably-fitting, good-looking skirts.  So I took advantage of the current promotions at J. Crew and J. Crew Factory, and one item I'm really looking forward to is this pretty Factory Frayed Tweed Pencil Skirt.  I'll report in when it comes next week.

But what I REALLY wanted to show y'all today is these boots, as pictured in this Polyvore set.   Yeah yeah yeah, I know there are nice riding boots everywhere this fall, but hands down, these are the most luscious ones I've seen.  Butter-soft leather, cushioned footbed, sleek, simple, just drop-dead gorgeous and in a color that, gee, I don't have.  (And I do own me some boots.)  

Of course, they're also ridiculously expensive.  Like, good-sized mortgage payment expensive. 

So here's my plan for acquisition.  I think it might work, whatcha think?

A Letter to Mr. S. Claus, in c/o Mr. TarHeelMom a/k/a HeelMoney

Dear Santa,

You sure are lookin' good these days, 
have I mentioned that lately? 
Keepin' the list super simple this year, handsome. 
See photo of ladies' boots, enclosed. 
Hoping to find one pair, size 7.5, under the tree.  
If I do, you are gonna have a verrrrry Merry Christmas night. We're talking M-E-R-R-Y here, buddy.  
With serious lingerie and possibly the boots. 
Just sayin'.
Been A Good Girl All Year a/k/a Mrs. Claus


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