Saturday, September 19, 2009

That Blue Skirt!

Happy Saturday, and happy Rosh Hashanah to my Jewish blogosphere friends out there!

I have a bright blue tarp on my roof (if you wanna know why, see my next post) and I see it every time I drive up or down our driveway.  It keeps reminding me to ask y'all this (which I know has been asked elsewhere, but I don't see much discussion yet so thought I'd prompt us again):

What does everyone envision mixing and matching with this beauty of a skirt?  If I only buy one thing from this rollout, it may well have to be this.  But I'm coming up skimpy on great ideas to work it with things from past seasons.  Ideas, JCAs?



  1. Hi, I adore this skirt, I have one from last season, I tried to pick some options on polyvore.
    It seems that brown, pink, navy, grey, white, silver go good with it. And I'm subscribing!

  2. Ohmigosh, PrettyBallerina, thank you SO SO SO much!! It never occurred to me that JC might have had the same color (or close) last year -- DUH, since they do that a lot! This is so helpful!

    PrettyB and I are still open for suggestions from newer add-on pieces, ladies. :-)

  3. I bought this last year, same color, and I ended up returning because I couldn't figure out what to wear with it, other than black and white. I don't think navy looks good with it, and I don't wear pink. It's one of those J. Crew pieces that was beautiful in theory but not practical in my closet.

  4. I love that blue skirt. I think that it could go with navy. There are many shades of navy/dark blue and you can find a nice one. It just has to be the right tone. I'm thinking a floral print blouse w/a navy cardi over it. Or you might find a striking turtleneck to wear with it -- like a plum color. I'm sure I've seen J Crew put those 2 colors together.

  5. In the new catolog it appears to be paired with a dusty blossom sweater. I have the skirt from last year too, and I would pair it with light greys, white blouse and black sweater, and maybe the mint color from last year.

  6. Well, I would look at it the way I would coordinate my turquoise jewelry. And I LOVE turquoise colored items from cardigans to tees to jewelry. So of course, as others mentioned, blacks and whites, silvers and whites, blacks and silvers, etc. But the next two things I do are: I look at the opposite side of the color on a color wheel. Then I go to my closet and hold the item as I go along my rows of cardigans, tees, sweaters, etc. I usually find much more than I originally thought I might.


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