Monday, October 26, 2009

Searching for the Elusive Navy Flat Shoe

Part II of today's posting. :-)

It's autumn, and for my wardrobe color palette that means I'm on a quest for some new navy shoes.  I need driving mocs/loafers for my usual "uniform" of cords, tee and sweater, and I need some ballet flats for my skinny lil' toothpick jeans.  As much as I really hate to say this, I am finding over time that many of my Crew ballet flats aren't very comfortable.  Do y'all find this??  It's especially true of some of the stiffer patent leathers (e.g., metallic guava and peacock Salinas), which I love... until I wear them for a while.  Could be I am needing to size up a 1/2 size -- I may try that -- but I'm feeling a little burned and so am looking elsewhere for this fall.  And I'm not looking to spend $$$ on anything -- $$ or better yet $ would be wonderful for my clothing budget!

Wow, are there some cutie pie shoes out there in the $ to $$ price range, from basics on up. I'm with our friend Sweet Tea in Seattle on this:  I love  I also have a close personal one-on-one relationship with  I've even been invited to join  Oo-la-la. :-)

I Polyvored a few candidates, of course including some juicy little items that aren't navy -- aren't even blue at all! -- but look so luscious.  I especially like the idea of the little evergreen-colored Calvin Klein suede ballet flat with some of that gorgeous new forest-green stuff at JC.

Here are the mocs & loafers:
It's Autumn -- New Navy Mocs & Loafers Needed!
It's Autumn -- New Navy Mocs & Loafers Needed! by JCAUNCMom on

And here are a few from the SO many beautiful ballet flats out there:

Whatcha think, JCA's?



  1. I have the navy suede city flats from last winter and I do enjoy them. I have been finding them much more comfortable this year than last. Don't ask why, maybe the break in period is over? I've been able to wear most shoes for a whole day! I also have the Isabella (?) flats that are navy with black patent trim, which I love. Good luck with your search!

  2. Kathy, thanks for that info! Did you get the City suedes and the Isabellas in your usual non-J. Crew shoe size, or did you have to size up? I'll keep a lookout for them on eBay!

  3. I love for lower priced shoes, and shipping is a flat 6.95 rate.

  4. I always buy size 9 in J. Crew shoes and then adjust the fit with shoe pads. Whenever I size up or down the fit is even worse. There was a real cute pair of navy patent loafers on sale at Cole Haan with an extra 20% off with code FALLSALE20. I don't know how long the code is for.

    The Isabella runs smaller than the City flat, but I find that suede stretches quite a bit. I did buy the cloud Lulus in 8.5 because everyone said to size down and I am finding they are too small and uncomfortable to wear for any length of time.

  5. Hello...I have the navy patent leather loafers from Talbots that I've featured in my Polyvore sets. Their selection of flats/loafers are always classic and a good find when on sale.

  6. I found your blog, J.Crew Cancun Mom!! wink wink

  7. I am loving all those loafers & ballet flats...oooh, you are speaking my language. So...what'd you get???


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