Monday, October 12, 2009

Starting a new blog -- please stop by! :-)

Glaydies (what DOES that mean, Gigi -- it just sounds so cute),

I'm launching a new blog today and you're invited to visit and bring friends.  It's called "500 Characters Max" and it's going to be the place where I finally stop talking about being a writer and start learning to be a writer.  I'm going to post bits and pieces of things I've written or am working on, and I hope you'll give me your honest feedback.

This of course does NOT mean that I'm abandoning "Crewsing Thru My 50's".  I will continue to post about my J. Crew addiction (threatened by the overflow of ruffles right now, but hanging in there), tips and tricks from my adventures in the rag trade, my workout addiction and whatever else randomly amuses me about being (alarmingly) old enough to have adult children.  And you know I'll keep reading your blogs every day.

If I ever figure out how to do it, I'll even post some IRL pics of my OOTD.

Stay tuned, and come see me over at the new blog.  Happy October rollout, JCA's!


  1. Yay - new blog! Can't wait to hop over and read.

    Glaydies is the love child of girls and ladies.

  2. Awesome! I'm following! :)

    Even as an English teacher, I somehow missed the mark on the writing gene. My mom AND my brother have it, but not me. Oh well! My love is reading :)

    Although it is funny how that writing spark will make you want mom is also a teacher and just helped co-author a book called Teaching Hope. She has the bug now and wants to write/publish a book of her own!


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