Friday, March 26, 2010

JCAs, I'm cycling 100 miles and would love to have your support

Hi my dear JCA friends!

Be forewarned:  This post is NOT fashion-related in any way, because it has to do with the use of chamois-padded cycling shorts which, I think we can all agree, are not a fashion item anywhere in this galaxy. :-)

You may have noticed that once again I've been AWOL from blogging.  But I've got a REALLY good reason. I've been quietly investing increasing amounts of time to training for the biggest athletic challenge I've ever set out for myself, and I'm ready to tell y'all about it. 

I’m going to take part in a really exciting and important event, glaydies.  And I'm asking (hat in hand) for your encouragement and, if you can do it, your monetary support.

On Saturday, April 24, 2010, I’m going to be indoor-cycling 100 miles in this year's Atlanta RIDE TO CHANGE THE FUTURE™ benefiting Ovarian Cycle, a wonderful 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of and funds for the fight against ovarian cancer.  

Since 2004 Ovarian Cycle’s indoor cycling events like this one have raised $645,500 for the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund, the Ovarian Cancer Institute and the Norma Livingston Foundation, all of which are working on the development of a reliable, early-detection screening test for ovarian cancer.  This is critically important work.  Ovarian cancer remains a deadly threat to women in large part because only 25% of cases are diagnosed in the early stages when treatment is most effective.  This year more than 20,000 women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and the statistics tell us that 15,000 of these women likely will lose their lives to this disease.

I'll be riding my "century" (100 miles) with some good friends from my weekly spinning classes.  We call ourselves “Team Pedal Pushers" and we are riding together because, sadly, we've all watched friends or family battle ovarian cancer or a related cancer. Many of you, I'm sure, have had the same awful experience.  

I'm going to cycle in honor and celebration of my beautiful Texan friend Virginia Tate, who I get to see every summer at a fitness weekend I attend.  Last summer she wasn’t able to attend our annual event because she was battling fallopian tube cancer, a rare and frightening malignancy that's very closely related to ovarian cancer.  Thankfully, she’s had a complete recovery.  I'll be thinking of her radiant face all day long as I'm pedaling through a "virtual" Georgia!

My goal is to raise $2,500 to support Ovarian Cycle's important mission, to honor Virginia's courage and the miracle of her recovery, and to honor all of the countless women we all know and adore who have fought so bravely against terrifying gynecological cancers.  I always hate asking for money, and in these tough economic times I know that I’ve set an especially ambitious target for my fundraising.  But I also know that every dollar will help bring us one step closer to important breakthroughs in the detection and successful treatment of the family of ovarian-related cancers, and that means more happy endings like the one my friend Virginia is living today.  

So I'm asking for help from everyone I know, and it occurred to me that I should include you, darling JCA's. You are intelligent, joyful, generously-spirited women, and I'd be so pleased to have your support for my ride.  I will deeply appreciate any donation you can make, big or small.  Your donations are fully tax-deductible, and if you prefer to keep your IRL name private, you may donate anonymously.

And if you're not in a position to donate right now, then just cheer me on, and please keep Ovarian Cycle in mind for future support when you're feeling able to contribute.

Please click on this link to go to my Ovarian Cycle home page, where you can find more information about Ovarian Cycle and can make a contribution if you like:

JCAUNCMom's Ovarian Cycle Atlanta RIDE TO CHANGE THE FUTURE™ 2010 Page

One more important thing:  Whether or not you’re able to donate money, please be sure to write to me at if you’d like to tell me the name of any woman you know who has faced an ovarian-related cancer.   It would be my privilege to ride in celebration of your loved ones, and I’d like to add their names to Team Pedal Pushers’ Honor Roll of the courageous women for whom we’ll be cycling.  

And could I ask this of you?  If you're a Follower here (and there aren't many of you, but bless your little hearts for hangin' in there with me), please pass along a link to this post to anyone you know who might be interested in supporting Ovarian Cycle's vital work.  

Thank you so much, everyone!! Now, off to meet the team for a 2.5 hour afternoon training ride -- huff puff!!! :-)


  1. I've just made a donation. Good Luck!

  2. I also just made a donation. Good luck!

  3. Kathy and Audrey, thank you girls SO much!!! I am heading out to do a 2.5 hour training ride (postponed from this afternoon, yay -- I had time to do a few neglected chores) and will think of you both and the lovely JCA community while I ride! :-)


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