Friday, September 2, 2011

Urbanite Errands!

Hey everyone, happy Labor Day weekend!  

Sorry I've been gone all summer -- I haven't been away, but I haven't been online much at all.  The construction and repair issues at our house have continued on and sucked my attention and my budget nearly bone dry (like what this relentless drought and heat have done to our poor plants!) 

But I have picked up a few J. Crew pieces here and there, because sometimes a girl's just gotta have a little retail relief, ya know?  

One of my recent finds was the Urbanite Shift Dress, still available in a few sizes and colors and in Petites.  I bought it in Spiced Olive and took the size 4.  This dress has gotten mixed reviews, but I decided to take a Final Sale gamble on it and am so glad that I did because it is sheer perfection on me.  Perfect shape for my rectangular, boyish build -- it accentuates my broad shoulders in a nice way, and the color's great, too.  Warmer and richer than I'd thought it would be.  And while I was afraid the cotton would wrinkle, it really doesn't at all, maybe because of the touch of stretch in it. 

Another great find -- and I owe this to the lovely Dina, who pointed these out -- is the Antiqued Stone Flip Flops.  Hands-down the most comfy flippers I have ever worn, and straight out of the box.  I bought them in Metallic Gold first, and within days stampeded back to buy them in Safari Fatigue and in Ebony.  I know they'll be go-to's for me for a long time.  Merci, ma belle ami Dina, for yet another fabulous recommendation! :-)

Here's how I paired the dress and shoes to run a few errands on yet another sweltering Atlanta August day.  The necklace, by the way, is the Factory Tortoise & Cylinder Fireball necklace.  Lightweight, fun and a bit sparkly.  Perfect summer fun!

Urbanite Errands


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