Friday, September 2, 2011

Urbanite Shift Part II, Featuring Tortoise Accessories

The wonderful Urbanite Shift dress again, slightly "dressed up" as I wore it for a garden club luncheon with girlfriends. 

I ordered these Cece leather & tortoise ballet flats weeks ago and was waitlisted -- and honestly nearly forgot I'd ordered them til they suddenly arrived on my doorstep! They're back in full stock, it appears. On first wearing they were SUPER comfy all day, and I think the color is going to be really useful going into my fall wardrobe of skirts and matchstick cords.

The sunglasses, earrings, purse and watch in this Polyvore set are all pieces that I own and really love, but you can see how easily you could substitute anything with a touch of tortoise to achieve the same complementary look with the Cece flats.

Once again, y'all, enjoy your holiday weekend -- and send Atlanta some rain, will ya? :-)

Urbanite & Tortoise Part II (feat. Cece Tortoise Ballet Flats)


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