Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Feather Paisley Skirt Meets My Closet

The Feather Paisley Skirt Meets My Closet

J.Crew leopard print cardigan / J.Crew graphic t shirt / J.Crew long skirt / J.Crew patent heels / Kate Spade clutch handbag / Coach jewelry / J.Crew genuine leather belt / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics makeup brush / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics lip gloss / Bobbi Brown Cosmetics cream eye shadow, $28

All season long I eyed the Feather Paisley skirt and then poof, it was gone in my size. This happens to me a lot and you think I'd learn. And to add insult to injury, lemme just admit it here, y'all: I overpaid for the this skirt on eBay in order to get a Petite size. To be clear, I could have gotten my "Regular" J. Crew skirt size on eBay at the same time for about half as much, but then I'd have had to schlep it to the tailor and pay (and wait) to get it hemmed. Pathetically, I preferred to pay a premium so I could get it fast and wear it immediately. I rationalized this by (I'm sure) overestimating the hemming charges. :-)

So here I am with a premium-priced skirt, but happily I think it's going to justify its existence easily. I posted a Polyvore set with this skirt recently; here's take #2, all using items from my closet.


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