Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Crazy for Camo(fleur & Revas)!

Doing a little clothes planning for my niece's college graduation weekend in Delaware, coming up in mid-May.  I figure the weather for our casual Friday evening family get-together could still be really unpredictable, maybe even chilly -- a great chance to pack a cardi that hasn't gotten much use yet!

I did, and I do, have a buying ban in place, but as I've sorted out my spring closet I've made a handful of exceptions for pieces that I know will bring new "oomph" to things I already own -- like these Tory Burch Camo Revas.  I spotted them marked down to $94 when Tory Burch recently had a "Private Sale", and at that price I jumped.  I know camo's a trend, but these cuties weren't a huge risk for me because, heck, at least half my closet is some variation on colors like "Fatigue" and "Olive Moss".  

A couple of days later I discovered Patina's adorable PV set featuring these shoes and the J. Crew Camofleur tee -- a late winter/early spring 2011 item that I swear I don't even remember seeing online or in the stores.  I was happy to find it reasonably priced on eBay from one of my favorite sellers, and can I tell you, this is a precious little tee -- bateau neckline, 3/4 sleeves, very flattering just-right-clingy cotton jersey, not too thin, a little sprinkling of clear sequins.  Perfection.

If you own these Revas, the color "Hawthorn green" in the current J. Crew roll-out looks wonderful with them and is a nice change of pace from Army green.  Some shades of khaki look great, too, and of course black.

And if you don't own these shoes but want to, I see that there are several pair on eBay -- not for $94, but still, available, along with the equally-cute TB camo cross-body mini-bag.

Just enabling.  ;-)

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