Thursday, April 21, 2011

WHBM Perfect Cropped Pants for Short-Shinners

Hey everybody! 

If you've followed my "Tips & Tricks" posts (see here, here, here and here) about finding and taking advantage of your ideal skirt length, you know what I mean by "short-shinner" (your thighs are longer than your shins) and "long-shinner" (your shins are longer than your thighs).  You also know that the same body proportioning ideas also determine your ideal cropped pants/capris length, too.  One length doesn't flatter everyone.

You'd think that womens' clothing retailers would wise up to this very basic idea and offer cropped pants or capris in more than one length, as they often do with shorts.  Yet they generally don't, aside from sometimes offering a petite version.  And buying the petite version isn't always a good solution for the short-shinner looking for a cropped pant, because petite pants are shorter in the stride, too.

White House Black Market to the rescue!  In their newest rollout they're offering cropped pants styles in several lengths! The entire collection (including some very cute cropped jeggings and denim pedal pushers) can be seen here.

I'll just point out a couple of stand-outs for short-shinners and one versatile style that will work pretty darned well for everyone.  Currently all of these are at full price, but they're worthy of bookmarking and sale-stalking.  WHBM allows online review posting, too, so keep an eye out for that good feedback.

Especially For Short-Shinners:

Cotton Twill Cargo Pedal Pushers ($78)  17" inseam, a very flattering length for short-shinners! Cute rear pockets and grosgrain ribbons to cinch the pants at the bottom.  Available in black, white and "canyon" (think J. Crew's Sandalwood colorway).

Notice that while the model's Natural Ankle Wrap Wedges ($88) are tall and chunky, they're in a neutral, leg-blending color (which helps to negate the "chopping off" effect of the ankle strap), and they boast slender, very girlie ribbon-wrap straps. See how they add a couple of visual inches to her lower leg? Really good choice!

Another view of the shoe.  I would soooooo fall off of this shoe and break my ankle, y'all.  Seriously. :-)

Bi-Stretch Twill Pedal Pushers ($74)  Same 17" inseam length; a little spandex added.  Simple and clean lines with a notched hem.

Her black wedges work, even though they're anything BUT leg-blending and even though they definitely have the horizontal "chopping off" effect at the ankle.  Why? Because despite their height they're quite delicate with not a whole lot of black showing, and because they dramatically lift her foot "Barbie-style" as if she were wearing tall pumps.  See how they make the top of her foot visible so that her feet "extend" her lower legs?

Another view showing the insanely feminine and also insanely tall Silk Raffia Bow Wedges ($88).

Wearable by Everyone:

Zouave Cargo Pants ($88) (Note that there is another pair of pants ($80) at WHBM with the very same name -- weird, like J. Crew's two same-named Safari Shirtdresses -- but it's not as narrow-legged).

This slim pant features a 25" inseam with some classically "zouave"-styled details, like the elasticized side leg hem with snaps which is designed to be pushed up the leg the way you'd push up your sweater sleeve, so that the pant legs "blouse" just slightly -- known as a "blouson" effect.  Worn full-length (as in the photo), 25" is ideally a better length for long-shinners.  But most short-shinners can also wear this pant effectively -- just take advantage of the Zouave style and push the hems up a little!

Side views show the cargo pocket detail and slender leg.

And yet another pair of adorable, 3.5" tall shoes, the Faux Patent Bow Espadrille Wedge ($88, apparently WHBM's favorite go-to price point!)  This shoe would also be an acceptable choice for short-shinners because there's some elevation of the foot and there's a lot of foot and very little shoe showing from the front view.

I'm hoping to get by WHBM in the next few days, and if I do I'll get some IRL pix for you.


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