Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crisscross Simple

Crisscross Simple

Crisscross Simple by JCAUNCMom

More simple options for accessorizing the J. Crew Crisscross Dress. I'm continuing to play with ideas from my own closet for creating that pretty and feminine retro 50's look of flats with a natural-waisted, swirling-skirted dress. I happen to have a lot of red accessories, but yellow, spring green or turquoise would be equally pretty, I think.

This easy (and by the way perfectly packable) dress is on sale right now and probably will be priced even lower at some point, since it's in full supply in all colors.  If you haven't already, do give it a look.

Last Saturday my local B&M only had it stocked in the navy (which is really a lovely and dark but warm navy), but it was a popular item, apparently.  When I zipped back to the dressing room with it, two other women were also trying it on.  So we all modeled it for each other.  The dress looked cute as a button on all three of us, and we all bought it.  Their body types were totally different from mine, too, so this was an especially fun, worthwhile and interesting little coincidental experience.

I'd have included my beloved J. Crew City Ballet Flats in Pewter in this Polyvore set, but I have worn those dear puppies out at last.  They've been resoled and polished and moisturized to pieces, and I've even touched up the toes (which I tend to scuff up like a five-year-old) with a metallic paint pen from Michael's -- the genius suggestion of a crafty friend of mine.  Alas, they're just old and tired and deserve retiring.  But what a perfect little shoe that was!


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