Saturday, November 7, 2009

If You Coveted ABC's Purple LP Clutch....

Hi everyone!

It's been awhile since I've had time to post, although I've tried to find a few minutes each day to peek at your blogs for fun.  All's well here, though, and when I can get back here later today to tell y'all what's been cookin'.  (Hint:  Navy shoe shopping.  Plus ridiculous water-related house repair issues keep cropping up like mushrooms!)

For the moment, I've got a couple of quickies to post about.  First things first -- HUGE THANKS to Kathy and Seashell for giving me the Over the Top Blogger Award!  I'm so tickled, girls -- I just love you two and I really appreciate you thinking of me! Watch for another post from me where I'll answer the OTT Blogger questions! :-)

And next, I want to pass along a tip from my morning e-mail:  a Bluefly TODAY ONLY extra 15% off sale. :-)  If you've never shopped Bluefly (and I can't imagine you girls haven't), it's essentially Loehmann's Back Room, online.  High-end stuff at ever-increasing discounts.  The gamble is to wait something out -- if it's still there in a couple of weeks it WILL be marked down again.

There's lots of great stuff marked down the extra 15% today, but the main reason I'm alerting you to this sale is that contemporary handbags are marked down... including some gorgeous Linea Pelle bags.  And what will you find there, if you look?  None other than that beautiful LP "Alyssa" clutch in "Purple Dawn" that our friend A Bigger Closet bought to replace the J. Crew Lexi clutch in Light Amethyst, which she didn't loveShe's a big fan of this Linea Pelle clutch.

I have borrowed this picture from ABC's blog for you (thank you, ABC -- hope this was okay to do!)

Bluefly has this cutie (or the same bag in a pretty taupe color) on sale for $99.45, marked down from $195.  ABC was able to buy hers directly from Linea Pelle for a little less money because she scored an awesome sale + a discount code, but this bag's sold out at LP's website.  Bluefly's price is still a great sale price.

Don't forget to do your Bluefly shopping through so that you can rack up an extra 4% in Ebates dollars!  And get this -- if you are a first-time Bluefly shopper and spend more than $200, Ebates will kick in another $40 off for you!  

Happy shopping, glaydies, and I'll see ya later!