Tuesday, November 16, 2010

HURRY!! 24-hour TODAY show "Steals and Deals"

Hey everyone!

I promise (cross my heart) to re-start my blogging.  But that's not why I've dashed to the computer today, y'all.

A small favor, please?  If by chance any of my Followers read this (and I can't imagine why you would since I've sunk without a trace), please share a link to this post with others in the Crewniverse.  And bless your little Follower hearts for hangin' in there with me.


The TODAY show has brought back their wildly popular 24-hour holiday "Steals and Deals", and there are some crazy-good deals including Gemma Redux necklaces for $39 (they each retail for around $400), and a beautiful basic Ann Taylor merino v-neck cardigan for $24 (retail is $78).  And there's more.  Check it out here:

TODAY Show's Holiday Steals and Deals

I'll be back soon with an update on life and fashion in the always-some-shade-of-blue household of JCAUNCMom and my wonderful hubby, UNCDad a/k/a "I Went to Duke So Why Did BOTH of My Sons Go to Carolina??". :-)  Ciao!