Tuesday, July 13, 2010

OOTD and Product Review: Medallion Foulard Skimmer Pant

Hey everyone!

I am, truly, the world's worst blogger.  Every day I pinky-swear I'm gonna find time to write.  And every day I also swear to myself that I'm gonna find a spot in my house where I can photograph myself in a mirror, so that you all can actually SEE me in a few of my outfits.  (I say a few because I am self-aware enough to know that I -- unlike so many of you impressive JCAs -- will nevah, evah be disciplined enough, or find the time enough, to snap daily or even frequent pix of my lil' ensembles.)

But y'all can see how bad I am at honoring my own pinky-swears. :-)  It sure is a good thing that I'm not making promises to myself about anything life-altering, don't ya think??

This afternoon I've found myself with a bit of extra time -- which I really ought to be using to get dinner started or to photograph some for-sale items for the weekly exchange.  Hubby (known in these parts as FAH -- short for "Fun As Hell", which he most definitely is) will just have to deal with salad and leftovers.  And you'll have to remain in suspense about what I've found in my closet to which you could say "Well, welcome to MY closet!!"

Because, IRL pic or not (and it's a not, again, sadly), I have a Polyvore, at least, of today's outfit, and a product review, even!

The product of the day here is the Medallion Foulard Skimmer Pant, now available only on popback but lately on sale, ridiculously, for $19.99.  I say ridiculously because, glaydies, these pants are da bomb.  Stalk them, girls.  I'm tellin' ya.

I tried on the solid-colored Skimmer Pants earlier in the season at my B&M since, being a nicely obedient little J. Crew customer, I listened when The Crew told us the Skimmers were this year's answer to last year's wonderful summerweight cocktail capris and cafe capris.  And they were, indeed, terrific -- they hug the derriere in a flattering way, with cute rear pockets that add a little sporty interest to yo' tushy, and they're a versatile 26" length.  But I kinda pigged out on last year's similar styles, so I passed on buying any of the solid colors.

Then one day recently I was playing on Polyvore looking for ideas (instead of writing in my blog, yeah, I know, I know) and I ran across this classic white-shirt set from the fabulously fashionable itztru:  Itztru's Medallion Foulard Skimmer Pant Classic White Shirt Look.  I had never noticed these pants before, but I thought they were interesting and itztru mentioned that she'd bought them for $19.99!  This, of course, piqued my interest even more, so I clicked on over to JC to read more about them -- and discovered them still on sale for that price, and not even FS.  So naturally I added them to the always-growing pile in my shopping cart, and when we got the last EXTRA20 I bought them for $16 and change.   Loooooooooooove it.

The fabric is what makes these Medallion Foulard Skimmers very special.  I don't know what mill JC bought this luscious cotton from, but I'm betting it's one of the best.  The cotton is silky and crisp at the same time, and has a lovely, subtle sateen finish.  The foulard print's small and also subtle, and the scale and colors of the print work beautifully across a surprising array of my tee shirts and sweaters.  And the fit, as I mentioned, is very nice.  And TTS, by the way.  Today I inaugurated them with a whole day of errand-running and they still look crisp and pretty fresh after all these hot, humid hours in and out of my car.

So here's the Polyvore of my OOTD, which, I must say, exactly reflects my personal style.  This is the kind of look you'll see me in five days out of seven.  The other two days I'll maybe throw in a smidge of ruffled-something-or-other.  Because how can you be a true JCA and not wear a smidge of ruffled-something-or-other?? :-)