Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Walking the Mom Clothes Line -- Crewsers, I need your advice!

Yes, it's me, Crewsers, surfacing after weeks of silent blogosphere surfing. It's been a busy, busy month and we've been traveling a lot, but I confess I've spent my bits and pieces of free time the last two weeks enjoying YOUR blogs and trying to figure out how to Polyvore my ensembles. You'd think, being a computer literate person like I honestly am, that this wouldn't be the Black Hole Time Sucking Eye Reddening endeavor that it's been. But nooooooooooo, you'd be wrong. :-) Expert Polyvorer bichonluvr has given me some helpful tips (Polyvore for Idiots) and I have finally managed to post ONE lonely little set. More ARE to come, I swear cross my heart Scout's honor.

So here I am reappearing, and (here comes another confession, be ready!) I have an ulterior motive. I need advice, ladies.

Y'all may remember how I told you that I, fit yet fifty-something college mom that I am, am very mindful of trying to find that perfect "Mom who is stylish, young-ish but appropriately dressed." I don't wanna be "Mom who is dressing a little too much like her 22-year-old son's 21-year-old girlfriend" and I don't want to be "Mom who is dressing a shade too frumpy/matronly/boringly."

Here's how that relates to the adorable picture on this post. I've spotted this pair of sandals on eBay that must be from Crew '08, because I would remember these puppies if I'd seen them this year! They're called "Vachetta Sandals" in the color "Driftwood". My little heart goes pitter-patter when I see them. (Side note: Oh how pitiful is that, that some pieces of shoe leather can produce such an emotion. I am really needing to face my addictions.....)

Aside from the fact that I have no idea how these feel or fit (Anybody know? Sing out!), I am wondering whether this gladiator-ankle wrap style is on the wrong side of the "Mom Clothes Line" for me. I have held off on buying this year's Rimini sandal for the same reason. I bought the Danielles, which was my nod to the look. But the Rimini, and this totally precious Vachetta, seem a little more trendy.

So whatcha think, friends? Yay or nay? Am I going to look like a stylin' yet appropriate mama, or am I gonna make my friends shake their heads in pity behind my back? (Down here in the South they might say "Ohmigosh, she is just having the hardest time growing older gracefully, bless her heart.")

Lemme hear from you, and thanks so much!!

P.S. It strikes me that this entire blog post would probably come across to most of the universe as seriously shallow, and I'm really glad that you Crewsers out there "get" it because, like you gals, I am anything BUT shallow. I just have this one weeeeeeee little area of rather secretly obsessive interest which I suppose you COULD call, well, lightweight. Keep my secret for me girls, will ya?


  1. I am not far off of your age and I would totally wear them if I did not have thick ankles! I have the carina and the studded gladiator sandal and daughter says they are fine. She would tell me if they did not work (15 yrs. old and lets me know of anything that would be embarrassing to her), with no problems of hurting my feelings!

  2. GETH THEM-GET THEM-GET THEM!!!!!! (Ok, done shouting.) Definitely get them - I remember them from last year and I loved loved loved them. I actually coveted them in the dark green. They are totally fab. Totally age appropriate, whether you are 6 or 96. If you don't get them, I will cry. thank you. :)

  3. They are completely appropriate sandals at any age.

    With that said, I own two pairs (the brown shown in the image, and the teal- both same size 9) and... they are not that comfortable. I bought the first one, brown, from JCrew.com for $20 and the second one, the teal, from TJ Maxx for $15. And they both hurt- in different ways. The brown is too loose so I get rubbing burns. The teal is too tight so I get blisters. But they are cute! ;)

    Alas, that is the price of J.Crew sandals (and I own lots of them too!)- very pretty, but not wearable for more than a few hours. But I do love the look, which is why I bought two pairs. :)

    I wish you the best with your purchase! :)

  4. Alexis - I think I feel a little bit better now, thanks! :)

  5. Hey JCAUNCMom! Thanks for the PV posting compliment in your post! It gets easier from here out, I promise. You'll make sets in a minute. Sometimes I go in my closet, get several ideas, and quick create them on PV before I forget - keep them in drafts for a while til wearing them.

    As for the sandals - don't have them; don't know how they fit. But seriously, forget age - get what looks and feels good on you. If the catalog didn't say "J Crew" on the cover, and instead said "Nordstrom" would you feel they were more age appropriate? I am in the near-50 age bracket too - and when I go to J Crew, I see plenty of women my age and up! All ages, all sizes - fashion is for everyone.

    To look 20, you would need to let your bra/or bra straps show with a little tank, haha. (and somehow that look ONLY looks good when you are 20!) If the look is pulled together - it works for everyone. The knee socks/shoes jcrew shows for fall - well - NOT for US! haha

    Have a great day!

  6. I am 52 and I, too, love J Crew. I always worry that I am too old to shop there but I really like their clothes. I work at a university and yesterday one of our student assistants asked me where I got my sweater (Jackie cardi). I told her J Crew and she responded with, "you always dress so nice." I'm taking that to mean that even at 52 we can wear J Crew.
    By the way, I was glad to see your blog. Thanks.

  7. Those shoes are cute & you have the stamp of approval to wear them ;-) I think Suzy has a point. If the catalog said Tabots or Nordstrom it might feel more comfortable, but don't let marketing deny what you like. If it feels good go for it.

  8. Just discovered your blog. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one out there looking for non-matronly clothing but struggling to stay age- appropriate.

  9. You need to blog more often! I'd love this blog to be more active because there are a lot of us out there on the far side of 40 who are excited about clothes and love dressing. I know I do! I think that I look modern and age appropriate and many of my clothes come from J. Crew. There are certain trends I don't follow but I'm not ready to retire to the world of Chico's and I'd love to hear more from women in my age group about fashion and style.

  10. Just catching up on some of your back posts since I just discovered your site. I love to shop but always worry about the exact issues mentioned here: At 50 I don't want to dress like my daughter and her friends....yet I don't want to look old (don't feel old and I work out). It IS a hard line to walk!

    For instance I love the "boyfriend" jeans look, but I think 50 is probably too old for rips and holes, but the relaxed shape/rolled hem would be fine...still searching for the perfect pair!

    BTW , did you get the sandals? In the South we still have a couple of months of sandal weather ahead of us!


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