Monday, June 13, 2011

Old School Basics with a Twist

Old School Basics with a Twist

J Crew polo top
$40 -

J Crew denim vest
49 GBP -

J Crew safari pants
$70 -

J Crew glitter sandals
$98 -

Gucci 18k jewelry
$2,650 -

J Crew chain jewelry
$33 -

J Crew chain jewelry
$33 -

J Crew belt
$33 -

Wearing 6-13-11. All closet-shopping except the sandals, which are new and beloved already! I've been drooling over them all season but suddenly they were just gone, and I figured well, Fate. And then they were shockingly THERE in my size the other night when I was battling insomnia and randomly surfing Net-a-Porter.  An early birthday present!

And today my saved eBay search on these same sandals sent me an e-mail reporting a pair in my size 8, up for auction for $90 + shipping or BEST OFFER. I haven't seen ANY of these on eBay. Go figure! :-) If you're an 8 and you've been wanting these sandals, there you go!

Not sure yet how I'm feeling about the teal green pedicure -- way outside my usual wheelhouse, and creating a bit of unexpected havoc with my clothing choices. But oh what a BEAUTIFUL color!

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