Sunday, August 12, 2012

Age-Appropriate Dressing for the London Olympics Closing Ceremonies! (Daisy Duck version)

London Olympics Closing Ceremonies! (Daisy Duck version)

London Olympics Closing Ceremonies! (Daisy Duck version) by tarheelmom featuring wedge shoes 

J.Crew knit top / Old Navy graphic tee / AG Adriano Goldschmied skinny jeans / J.Crew wedge shoes / Converse shoes / Converse shoes / Leaf ring 

Wearing for tonight's night's broadcast of the London Olympics closing ceremonies -- a casual dinner with friends on an unseasonably cool evening will give me the opportunity to unveil my Tippi and my AG Polka-Dot Stevies.  I posted this set on Polyvore last night, but edited it this morning to add the ballet flats as a backup shoe -- just in case the Chuck Taylors and skinny jeans (on my skinny calves) combine to make me look like Daisy Duck.  Laying out the clothes this morning, I saw this as a distinct possibility.  Yikes.

Props to Slastena (wearing them gorgeously here) for nudging me to buy the Stevies -- they are ridiculously comfortable and flattering.  On her advice I ordered these in the size I take in J. Crew's toothpicks (usually 28) and also one size smaller, since she said they do stretch a lot as you wear them.  I wore each pair around the house for several hours (tags still on, me freshly showered).  Slastena was exactly right in her advice.  But I ended up keeping the 28s after a lot of debate with myself in front of a full-length mirror for one reason:  my age.  

This might surprise y'all, because many of you have seen me comment around the JCA Community about my "take" on dressing age-appropriately, and you know that my general philosophy is that, regardless of the fact that you're past 40 -- or even, as in my case, past 50 -- you can and should wear most anything you like if you're fit, healthy, pay attention to what flatters your body type and size yourself correctly.

For me, the key words that apply to these AG Stevies are "most anything you like" and "size yourself correctly."  I do believe that wearing skinny jeans at their absolute tightest and skinniest is a prerogative of younger women (like Slastena, who's 20 years younger than me).  Skinny jeans or pants are fine for us vintage gals, I think, so long as (here's the CAUTION FLAG!) they suit our body type and so long as we wear them gently, with a bit of strategic fabric 'ease' here and there.  We're not talking saggy and baggy, we're just talking a little graceful air space, know what I mean?

The 28s in the Stevies allow that graceful air space for me, but are still slim and look nice.  IRL pix coming soon.

What's your take on this issue, ladies?  Do you agree with my "skinny jeans rules" or not?  I'd love to hear from you!


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