Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Miracle Story: Using My New "White Card"

Just thought I'd pass this along, lovelies --

After seeing Dina's post today about finding the beautiful Shimmer Paisley Lawn Dress which I've been kicking myself for not ordering, I decided on impulse to try out the phone number on my new "VIP" White Card, which I was surprised and delighted to receive yesterday from my new close personal friend Mickey D.  I figured it was a nothing-to-lose situation -- why not see if my very own dedicated Personal Shopper could find the dress for me?

So I called and talked to my friendly guy Paul and I put him on the chase.  He asked -- and he honest to goodness sounded nervous and apologetic -- if it would be alright with me if he took a few hours to look into this, seeing as how the West Coast stores were hours from even being open yet and thus he couldn't call them.  Good grief.  How demanding can these customer service divas BE? :-)  He promised to e-mail me later today with a report on his progress.

Y'all, five minutes later I got an e-mail from him saying that he found the dress for me and it's being sent to me today with SHIPPING FOR FREE.  Holy cow.  Apparently mine's coming from an East Coast or Central Time Zone store, because none of the other stores would have been taking Paul's (I'm sure quite frantic) call yet.

The moral of this tale is that it's most definitely worth making a phone call to the "find it for me" hotline if you're coveting this dress.  Paul commented that while it's been a hot item, the inventory's still showing a little availability in "most sizes" somewhere in the country.

I ordered the dress in the larger of my two JC upper-body sizes (6 and 8) because the always-smart Dina nailed it with this sage advice:  "I would rather take in than squeeze in..."  This dress would be an especially easy take-in alteration because it's got a center back seam and zipper with a shirred waist.  Whther or not I don't have to take it in, I'll definitely have to hem it, we know that for sure.  Remember, students, short shins = knee length is an uuuuuuuuggggggggggly look.

And even hemmed, there's a good chance that this style may not work on me, Miss Shortest-Waisted-Preemie of 1955.  But it's such a cute and versatile dress (and in my best color palette, too) that I figured it's worth a shot.

If it doesn't do a thing for me, I'll sell it to one of y'all for $ for $ what I paid JC for it, okie dokie? :-)


  1. I have the Shimmer Paisley Lawn dress and I just love it! I am short waisted and it is fine on me even with a belt. BTY, it looks great with the Heirloom Flora earrings and the Tiered Crystal Libretto necklace in dusty blossom.

  2. Yay for personal shoppers! I have yet to use the number on my card, but may put in an order prob tomorrow for some basics - waiting for the next big rollout before I spend much more $. Hope the dress is fantastic on you!!

  3. I am so unbelievably happy for you that they found this dress...and so quick. YAY!!! Let us see in real life pics if it works out, and then that way I can update my post with your link...


  4. Wow congrats on the shimmer paisley lawn dress! I'm so excited a few more JCAs have been able to snag it -- it's such an elusive item! I just LOVE mine -- trying to figure out where I can wear it next. :) And I wish I had something I was really looking for so I could find a reason to call the number on the white card. My online PS is so great I can't think of anything she wouldn't be able to do, but just for fun.....I really just want to call and see what they do! Again congrats! So nice to hear when someone's had such a pleasant experience with a J.Crew SA!

  5. That dress was online only, so I wonder where he found it. Please post some pictures when it arrives.

  6. YAY! So happy you got one too, we are all having shimmer paisley dress luck. Don't you LOVE Paul - he's amazing!

  7. Congratulations! I love the story. I think it's going to look fantastic w/your color. Can't wait to see...

  8. Wow, that is AMAZING!!! Congrats! Can't wait to see it on you :)

    I tried calling my vip number today, but I wasn't impressed. The lady I got didn't help me much at all. Oh well...maybe it depends on the situation.


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