Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sad news for me means good news for one of you!

Hi everyone!

It's been another rainy, dreary week here, and I've found myself wondering how our pal Sweet Tea in Seattle stands so MUCH rainy weather.  STIS, you're my hero, girl.  Enough already here.  Bring me some autumn sunshine!

I thought I had a bit of autumn sunshine earlier this week when my Shimmer Paisley Lawn Dress arrived safe and sound.  What a beauty this dress is IRL!  The fabric is so light, floaty and soft, and the print is the most gorgeous paisley mix of muted fall-like colors. It looks fantastic with a cardi -- especially one of the delicate chiffon-trimmed ones like last year's Tartines -- and all of the colors in the glazed pecan-honey glaze-burnished olive family work.  Ditto for any skinny belt that you might want to play with.

I got the 8, and it was perfect thru the bust so I know the 6 would have been too tight there. Unfortunately, pretty much everywhere else it fit me poorly.  I'm simply too short to wear it -- at least to wear it in a size that accommodates the meno-boobs. :-)  The bodice was too long (making the beautiful neckline droop), the shirred waist hit me above my waistline at a weird "nothing" place, and the full skirt (even as I imagined it hemmed shorter) just did nothing at all for my short little legs.  Oh well.  This wasn't a big surprise to me since I know my body type, but a gal can hope, ya know.

I actually let the dress hang in my closet for a whole day and then tried it on again.  Nothing miraculous happened overnight -- shockeroo -- and it still looked frumpy and dumpy.  Not at all like it looked (which was:  fan-freakin'-tastic) on Dina or on RatsonParade. And check out ROP's lovely Polyvore set.

So glaydies, who'd like to give this truly fabulous and sold-out piece a home?  I will sell it for exactly what I paid plus your choice of shipping.  I paid FP ($150) plus $12 sales tax (interesting -- it came from a store in South Florida) and free shipping, so my total was $162.  You pick the shipper and I'll send it anyway you like.  I've got a PayPal account so paying will be real simple.

If you're interested, give me a shout.


  1. Oh, sadness. :( I hope that a lucky lady gets to pick it up...I just really wanted it to work on you...

    If no one snatches it up, maybe try the weekly exchange or Ebay. I know someone out there really wants it. I may even do a quick post tonight or tomorrow am on you selling it if you don't sell it by then...

  2. Thanks so much, Dina! I really wanted it to look on ME like it looked on YOU, too! :-) But I'll love it vicariously thru you and RatsOnParade!

    If you have time to mention it on your blog that'd be great, but don't worry about it, sweetie. I will put it on the exchange next week if it's not sold by then, and if all else fails on eBay. I figured I'd post here first, since I'd made so much noise about buying this dress!

  3. I am SO sorry to hear it didn't work out! I'm sure you won't have trouble finding it a new home -- it's been sold out for so long! But darn, if only it were a little more adaptable. It's such a shame you can't keep it for yourself. :(

  4. I hate it when that happens! best of luck finding it a new home!!

  5. Oh MAN! I wish this was my size! I'd snag it in a heartbeat! So sorry it didn't work out on you :(

  6. If it was an 10, I would totally take it off your hands! Damn.

  7. If it makes you feel any better, I'm tall and the waistband hit me at an odd above the waist place, too. If I had belted it, the belt would been literally on my ribcage. Plus, it was way too short. I'm noticing almost all the newer J. Crew dresses are much too short for me. I can't wear mid-thigh length, I returned the terra paisley dress for the same reason.

  8. Glaydies, I am delighted to report that the Shimmer Paisley Lawn Dress has been adopted by a wonderful family, whose glaydie-in-residence is gonna look smokin' hawt in it. :-) Thanks everybody!!!

  9. The dress arrived today and it as darling in person as it looked online. Thanks so much!


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