Saturday, December 4, 2010

IRL OOTD 12-04-10 Black, Grey & Holiday Red

Darkness has fallen (in that sudden THUD! way that winter darkness comes) and the holiday lights are twinkling at my neighbors' houses, inspiring me to get my decorating mojo cookin' tomorrow!

This weekend one of my BFFs (who makes gorgeous vintage-glass garden art) was working a gigantic craft festival selling her beautiful wares, and I had the great pleasure of manning her booth with her this afternoon.  There is nothing like an arts 'n crafts show to get your holiday juices flowing!  This one was called the "Apple Annie Festival" (who knows why) and was held at a big Catholic church in a nearby suburb.  The place was hoppin', and I was really pleased to see that people were buying, not just looking.  Maybe the economy really is inching its way around the corner, Mr. President!  In any event, the atmosphere was warm and communal and holly-jolly, and it was fantastic to see my dear friend's special pieces selling like hotcakes!

Today's ensemble features last year's black A-line Wool Bungalow Skirt, a piece that I've really enjoyed a lot.  This is a size 6, which gives me room to pull it down a bit.

For a day like this when I knew I'd be bending, stooping, standing for a long time and even hauling bulky things to people's cars for them, this little skirt was a no-brainer.  It's super comfortable; a very decent length even when bending and stooping; fresh, perky and unwrinkled even after hours of wear.  You can still buy this skirt in the Factory version right here (I am seriously thinking about getting it in the Cabernet color since I missed out on last year's lovely Garnet color).

And you could sub in any number of things from the current J. Crew inventory to get a similar effect, such as the Wooltown Skirt or the equally cute Wool Bell Skirt (currently at a nice sale price, especially in the versatile Heathered Aluminum).

Also wearing:
  • Heathered dark grey tights from Nine West that I picked up last week at the mall on a 2 for $15 sale.  I had planned to inaugurate the lovely J. Crew Wool-Blend Ribbed Tights in Urban Grey, but listen to this -- they snagged on the band of my wristwatch as I was putting them on.  For the first time.  BIG snag.  BIG.  I know they didn't cost me an arm and a leg, but come ON -- the FIRST TIME I PUT THEM ON?? Sigh.  So out came the new Nine West substitutes, and I must say they are super great tights. 
  • J. Crew Vachetta Grommet Belt, size M, in black, from earlier in 2010.  Factory version still available right here.
  • My much-loved, ridiculously comfortable black suede Pirate Boots a/k/a the Nine West Frollic from Fall 2009 (often available on eBay, as I've linked here).  I wore them scrunched down to bootie height today, but often wear them full height over jeans or cords.
  • A very old but awesome J. Crew bateau-necked 3/4 sleeve very soft cotton knit sweater -- anybody have a clue what this one was called? It was also made in navy and I would love to stalk eBay for it, because I've had this one for at least four years and it looks brand new with bright white and fresh holiday-red stripes despite having been washed probably 35 times.  Oh J. Crew, bring back this quality!  This year's crazy popular Vintage Bateau Top in Dark Pewter would be a great sub for this kind of look, as I've shown in my Polyvore for today.
  • Gold hoops on my ears and a couple of very good David Yurman knockoff long necklaces (see links on my Polyvore set to the real items).  Love his stuff -- casual and sporty.  I have several real Yurman pieces, but I also have, and loooooooove, a very good knockoff lady. You didn't hear me say that, right? Never, ever would I wear my real stuff to do what I did today!
  • And finally, although it is VERY difficult to see in this picture (sorry sorry sorry), I also wore a black, grey and red plaid cotton gauze scarf from Target -- one of those $14 finds that makes you just grin all day.  Similar here, here and here.  Here's a closer look at the colors (taken right here in my office under way better light than my full-length mirror):

Dinner beckons. Have a nice evening, everyone! Polyvore set for today:



  1. You look adorable! I have/had that sweater in black and navy. My daughter has/had one as well. I am not sure if they went in the goodwill piles or not - but I loved that sweater! I might have to go take a look! Love the scarf! Perfect for this time of year, and your outfit! The sale sounds like fun - and so does your friend's craft...would love to see some!

  2. Hey Suzy! Thanks so much, GF! We try, we try! :-) You know, I almost gave this sweater away after a couple of years at a point when I'd gained some weight and stripes were NOT my friend, and now I am so glad I didn't. Wish I had the navy too! My dear BFF's garden art is just wonderful -- I will ask her if I can post a link to her Facebook page, and I say that only because she has yet to figure out how to cost-effectively ship her stuff. So BOLO, as the cops say, for a link!

  3. My age, my size and my inspiration! Thanks!

  4. Great scarf. Thanks for sharing the bargain. You look fantastic in your outfit. :-)

  5. Fantastic outfit and thank you for the tip on tights. J Crew ones are ridiculously expensive and I alwayas manage to snag them quickly just as you did. Argh...Will visit Nine West to score me some too.Thank you again!

  6. My $5 Walmart tights have held up better than my ones from j.crew! Isn't that sad? I just can't get over how adorable you are. LOVE this look on you!


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