Wednesday, December 1, 2010

IRL (!!) OOTD: 12-01-10 featuring Marled Wool Shawl-Collar Cardi

Oh how I love this cardigan, J. Crew's Marled Wool Shawl-Collar cardi from the October '10 rollout.  It's toasty, not itchy, flattering and very well made.  The fit is TTS to a smidge large.  I am a size 6 or 8 (most often 8) in J. Crew jackets and I took a Small in this cardi.  On this blustery, brilliantly blue-skied day, I can't think of a more perfect yummy piece to pull out for an afternoon of Santa errands!

Hold onto your hats, kids, because I have finally found a spot where I can take IRL pictures of myself (a weird skill, can I just say?) and so, with great fanfare, here ya go -- not fantastic quality because the lighting in my "spot" isn't great.  I'll keep working on that!

OOTD 12-01-10

J. Crew Ankle Stretch Toothpick Jean in Twilight Wash, size 29 (from early 2010, but lots of similar options are available -- IMHO, a dark but warm blue wash like this one looks best with this cardi)

J. Crew Marled Wool Shawl-Collar Cardigan in Camel, size Small (sold out in both colors, but look for popbacks)

J. Crew Smooth Leather Belt in Weathered Wood, size Medium (sold out in this caramel-y color, but this is an AWESOME belt, glaydies, and the basic black is on sale for $19.99)

J. Crew Ringspun Candy "Licorice" Tee, size Medium (I could have taken the Small too; this piece is one many of y'all will remember from Holiday 2008.  I bought it on eBay about a year ago for a song from a seller who clearly had no idea what he/she HAD!  And if you're an XS, here ya go -- one's currently listed on eBay:  Current eBay listing for XS Licorice Tee)

UGGs Classic Tall in Chestnut, size 7 (I'm an 8 in most shoes and I think UGGs Classics reliably run one size small).  I do not know for the life of me why I waited years to buy a pair of UGGs, but believe me, once I did I went running back for another pair real soon.  What an INSANE idea these shoes are -- it's like wearing bedroom slippers to the mall.  Warm slippers, at that.  I. am. sayin'.  For comfort like this, I'll happily accept the fact that UGGs + my skinny legs = an unmistakable resemblance to Daisy Duck.

And rounding out this outfit, I just tossed on some big gold hoop earrings (you can't see 'em behind all that hair) and one of my handy necklaces from Forever 21.  Being the mom of a college student and a college graduate (oh yikes -- translation: there is just no flippin' way around the fact that I am on the downhill side of middle age), I always feel a bit conspicuous in F21 amongst all the teenyboppers and young moms.  But it's worth braving all that youthfulness to get their ridiculously useful and cheap jewelry.  This necklace is typical -- it has faux crystal fireballs and faux resin beads in caramel, pale grey and peach, all on a super long gold-toned chain-link single strand that can be doubled, or worn piled up as a bracelet.  I believe I paid about $6.00 for this baby last year at the mall.  What a find for the 2009-2010 J. Crew color scheme, huh?

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  1. Great outfit - love it. I also feel conspicuous shopping F21 for that great inexpensive jewelry. I want to say "I'm shopping for my daughters - just ignore me!!". But I'm not. :)

  2. Great job with the photo! It is so difficult to find a spot, have the picture come out good and look good in it. LOVE your outfit! I see people of all ages in F21, no need to feel self conscious. So nice to see you again!

  3. I love this look together. your uggs look so cute with this outfit!

  4. You have every right to be at F21. Shop on!

    Great outfit and way to work in last year's candy tee. Me likey :-)

  5. I love it! You look fabulous, and it's go nice to see a pic of you! The cardi is one of my favorites, too. :)

  6. Oh, how cute are you?! I am so happy to see an IRL pic of you! Keep 'em coming! Love the outfit.

  7. Oh gosh, thanks everyone! I must snap photos of myself more often! :-) It is nice to be "seen" IRL, finally!

    sparrowsandsparkles, Kathy and gigi, I really do hear ya about F21. What a great resource for cheap accessories -- an easy way to stay on trend without spending much. I find AE Outfitters to be much the same way re: jewelry. And I honestly don't let it deter me one bit that walking into either store instantly makes me want to run screaming to the nearest cosmetics counter for some premium Anti-Aging Potion! LOL!


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