Thursday, December 2, 2010

IRL OOTD: Under the Weather with J. Crew, featuring Zip-Side Sweatshirt

Hello everybody!  My second attempt at IRL photos of myself comes to you from another bright but quite chilly day, and one on which I woke up to find that Zicam, Vitamin C and I have lost the little battle we've been waging against an oncoming cold and sore throat.  Ugh, right?

I'm working on a project at home today and had no place that I absolutely HAD to go.  So when I got dressed (which almost didn't happen at all, because lemme tell ya, some flannel jammies were looking real good), the ONLY requirement for me was that whatever I put on had to ooooooooooze comfort.  And this outfit does the trick nicely, I think.  Plus, I'm pretty pleased with myself (honk honk sniff sniff) under the circumstances for being uber-comfy whilst also nodding to the "let's all wear sweatpants as if they were jeans" trend.  Suhhhh-WISH -- score for me! :-)

Lemme tell ya a bit about what I'm loafin' around in.  And my apologies for the quality of the pictures.  I plead the Sudafed effect, y'all.  I was finding it ridiculously hard to hold my iPhone and myself still at the same time, so I'm posing a bit goofy, and it didn't help matters that I'm wearing navy and charcoal grey today in not-great lighting.  But I'll show ya what I got, okay?

OOTD 12-02-10
"Under the Weather with J. Crew"
  • J. Crew Zip-Side Sweatshirt in Heather Charcoal (on sale in a few remaining sizes for $39.99 in this color and $24.99 in "dark cloud", which is really a heathered athletic gray -- plus 25% to 30% off depending on your ride-along skillz!)
This French Terry item got mixed reviews from the JCA community, but I found it on a super-sale rack a while back for, like, a dollar plus a discount.  So it screamed "Try me on!", and I like it a lot.  Lightweight and slightly fitted (I got the Medium), and wicked comfy.  It looks very cute with a Perfect Shirt peeking out from under it, too.  There is more contrast between the navy pants and this sweatshirt than you'd think from my pix.
This can be seen better in the picture below, and was another lucky find, on sale early in the season.  It's 72" long and made of a gauzy wool and cotton blend, so it's warm but not itchy and very easy to work with.  By the way, a big thank-you to Sparrowsandsparkles, from whose wonderful blog I learned how to tie the version of a four-in-hand knot shown in my pix.  I use that technique ALL the time, and every time I tie a scarf that way I know for sure that some other woman is going to stop me and ask me how to do it.  Awesome little trick!

  • J. Crew Ultraknit Weekend Pants (from 2009) in Navy, size Small (Polyvore link here; similar 2010 version available here in Navy and other colors-- same wonderful knit but without the elastic cuff on the bottom of the pants, in Navy and other colors)
I wish I'd bought these last year in every available color.  And I wish I had a nickel for every time I've worn or washed this pair.  They've stayed true to color and have held up beautifully.  I personally prefer the elasticized bottom cuff because it makes them very easy to tuck into boots (as I've done today), but I like this year's version, too, and I suppose it's still available in every size and every color only because it's not on sale.  With the current promo, I'm tempted to tell Santa to bring me another pair!
Y'all read my UGGs testimonial yesterday.  This is my second pair, and I just love 'em.  Size down one from your regular shoe size for this Classic version.

So that's it from Sneezeville for today! Stay warm, y'all, and don't forget to cough into your elbow, sneeze into a soft Kleenex and Purell Purell Purell!!! 

Oh, and my Polyvore for today is below.



  1. cute outfit especially for a sick day! feel better! :)

  2. Hope you feel better! I am the queen of comfort when I am home too! I have the same sweatshirt (probably got it on the same deal a while back - it was a great price!). I just got home from the gym, and after showering will be slipping in to a similar outfit to get more christmas decorating done! I, too, am an Uggs lover - have several pairs of both boots and shoes/sandals from them! (afraid to actually count them, haha) Great to see you on your blog again!

  3. I'm gonna try to find that side zip sweatshirt....too cute. Hope you're feeling better!


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