Tuesday, December 7, 2010

IRL OOTD: Mixing Warm Tonal Neutrals

Thank you ALL so much for the ri-DUNK-ulously flattering comments on my recent IRL blog pix!!  Especially coming from the sophisticated eyes of the JCA community, your compliments are so deeply appreciated by this little old middle-aged mama!  Seriously, you're inspiring me to spiff up a bit each morning, eat my Wheaties and get to my cycling classes! :-)

Today's outfit was thrown together quickly because I've had (and am having, but blogging on my Hot List!) a wacko day.  But I'm happy with it, because it reflects one of my favorite ways to dress.

Sorry about the exposure on the pix, but hope you'll be able to get the color-combo idea. :-)

This ensemble combines a slightly surprising blend of J. Crew warm tonal neutrals including:
All of these blended tones are tied together by the accessories, starring (once again) the Bayberry Washed Wool Scarf (2010), a piece that I would now pay 3X FP for because it's turned out to be such a workhorse.  I'm sure you're all getting just a wee bit weary of seeing me wear it, actually.  To wear this scarf today, I wove it around last year's very long Crystal Cadence Necklace, then looped the combined scarf-necklace into a soft, controlled knot.  Echoing the necklace, I added the Heirloom Flora Earrings a/k/a the 2009 "J. Crew Says Thank You for Devoting Your AmEx Card to Us" earrings.

I also added a loose belt for a pop of soft color reinforcing the colors in the scarf, and as "waist jewelry" -- see my Polyvore set for today for an explanation of that concept.  This belt is truly vintage J. Crew and I have no clue what it's called or when I bought it; I can tell you I've had it for at LEAST five years and I'd bet longer.   It's a rich burgundy-wine patent leather skinny belt, and the patent leather is broken up by segments of antiqued gold thick chain links.  Terrific piece.  And although the pic above weirdly makes it look like I've got a spare tire over the top of the belt, IRL the effect isn't like that at all -- it's a slimming, waist-enhancing little belt.  I swear. ;-)

And as for my shoes, they're a find, too.  Last year I was whizzing thru DSW one day and spotted a pair of EXACTLY THE SAME COLOR BURGUNDY PATENT Nine West penny loafers (a style called "Winogreen") in my size on the super-sale rack.  Super comfy, too.  Whoo baby.  There were only four appropriate words:  Welcome to my closet!

Close-up of the scarf/necklace combo and
shoes.  Socks are a sort of pale-oak color lightweight wool -- too chilly to go without them today!!! :-)


Aw-ight, outta here. Cycling class at 6, dinner to throw together first.  Ciao cuties!!!



  1. Very preppy and pretty. Reminds me of my high school(early 80's) days...Classic is always in...you wear it well

  2. Great style...and of course, I love the flats (loafers)!!

  3. I would absolutely wear all of the outfits you put together! Glad you are blogging more frequently...it helps me get dressed in the morning!

  4. So cute. Love the colors!

    btw...I emailed you re: Asheville; let me know if you didn't get it! I accidentally sent it from my reg. email vs. my blog email...

  5. WOW--I love this ensemble--and the purple metallic penny loafers are such a unique find!
    Thanks for posting on my Blog--so I can add your blog in my favorites!!!


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